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Body-Worn Camera Resources

In addition to providing training and technical assistance, sharing related news updates, and directing agencies to the resources provided through the BJA National BWC Toolkit, the BWC team also provides agencies with resources collated from emerging research on BWCs, guides about BWC implementation and best practices, and lessons learned from BWC PIP sites. These resources are grouped by category, as well as listed in the table below. To browse all resources in a specific category, use these topic links.



Recently Posted Resources

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Department of Justice, Law and Criminology - The American University, Washington, DC

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Deputy District Attorney, Damon Mosler

Body-worn cameras: Evidence-base and implications

Current Issues in Criminal Justice (2019)

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Journal of Experimental Criminology (2019)

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Temple University (2018)

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Pemberton Township Police Department

BWCs Considerations, Concepts and Issues Paper, and Need to Know

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) (2019)