Body-Worn Camera Resources

In addition to providing direct training and technical assistance to both funded and non-funded agencies, the BWC TTA team will also provides agencies with the latest news on body worn cameras, resources on emerging research on BWC and lessons learned and best practices derived from the BWC PIP site experiences on BWC policy, technology, training, and stakeholder engagement. These resources can be found by clicking on the menu items to the left. 

Don't Forget!! The BJA National Body-Worn Camera Toolkit provides a comprehensive array of resources, policy guidance, podcasts, and training materials related to body-worn camera implementation. We highly suggest agencies begin their BWC process by reviewing the BWC Toolkit. 

If your agency would like to request technical assistance or more information about a particular topic (i.e. BWC evaluation, storage solutions, stakeholder engagement), please submit a TTA Request and we will promptly respond.