BWC TTA Updates

This webinar focused on BWC footage as a form of digital evidence and how agencies are leveraging and managing large volumes of digital evidence media (DEM) being generated by BWCs. The panel consisted of representatives from three police agencies and a researcher. A facilitator asked specific questions about how agencies are managing large volumes of DEM data; what metrics are being used to measure DEM impact; how tagging and categorizing of footage is being done; how footage is used within a police agency for investigation and training; and how requests for footage from the media and the public are handled.

Center Stage: Madison's new police chief backs body cameras on officers

"I believe that progressive, 21st century police departments should have body-worn cameras," Chief Shon Barnes tells our political podcasters just a few weeks into his new job as Madison's top cop.

Madison, WI, is one of the few cities of its size without cameras on patrol officers and one of only a third of police agencies in Wisconsin that haven't embraced the technology.

Yet Barnes stresses that whether to equip his officers with the devices is the community's decision, not his.

Administrative policy review is a central feature of the training and technical assistance (TTA) provided to the PIP sites. The TTA team developed a policy review process and BWC Policy Review Scorecard to assess the comprehensiveness of BWC policies. This report describes the results of an analysis of 405 policies from fiscal year (FY) 2015–2019 grantees that had their BWC policy scorecards approved through this process. Through review of the 405 agency policies, we identified key BWC policy trends across 11 important BWC issues. Several of the trends involve substantial policy differences between agencies funded in different years.

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On this episode of LE Tech Talks, Captain Dan Zehnder (ret.), a BWC TTA Lead, sat down with Chief Ruben Chavez from Gustine, CA, Police Department, to discuss lessons learned from the BWC program.

Captain Zehnder and Chief Chavez discussed useful tips for implementing a BWC program in a small agency regarding partnering with other agencies, handling storage, how to staff the program, overcoming obstacles in grant management, and more.

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