BWC TTA Updates

On July 19-21, 2022, the Body-worn Camera (BWC) Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) team, in partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), held the 2022 BWC TTA Virtual National Meeting. This meeting was primarily intended for FY 2020 BWC Policy and Implementation Program (PIP) grant agencies, but was also open to previous years' grantees. Members of the BWC TTA Team, subject matter experts (SMEs), and representatives from BJA and JSS also participated in the meeting. Read the summary and watch recordings from the meeting here.

The BWC TTA team has just released a new resource: BWC Field Testing & Evaluation Form. This resource will help agencies evaluate the performance and suitability of different models of body-worn cameras (BWCs). The Field Testing Form (an Excel workbook) includes multiple tabs for field testers to record ratings of different aspects of BWCs, across different brands. As agencies implementing BWCs may consider many different aspects, the Testing and Evaluation Resource should be adapted to meet your agency's needs. Start with this template and modify as appropriate to streamline the information-gathering process and assist you with the vendor decision.

Download the Field Testing & Evaluation Form here.

BWC equipment, practices, vendor pricing, and marketing strategies have changed dramatically since 2015, and they continue to evolve rapidly. In this document, we provide some guidance and helpful hints regarding BWC acquisition. CNA can help navigate you through any of these different considerations and approaches.

Access the Vendor Acquisition Guide here.

This in-view commentary highlights the benefits and considerations of using BWC footage in After-Action Reports (AARs) and provides recommendations for incorporating them in organizational reviews of future significant events. We provide examples of how BWCs were used in AARs from the 2020 protests to support our recommendations.

Read the In-View here.