BWC TTA Updates

This webinar provided a brief overview of the BWCPIP program goals. The main purpose of the webinar was to orient agency personnel to the programmatic, financial, and administrative requirements of the grant, as well as to the training and technical assistance elements of the grant. Both grant administration and TTA will be vital to successful completion of a BWCPIP grant. Our goal is to make the grant initiation process as smooth as possible.

BWC equipment, practices, vendor pricing, and marketing strategies have changed dramatically since 2015, and they continue to evolve rapidly. In this document, we provide some guidance and helpful hints regarding BWC acquisition. CNA can help navigate you through any of these different considerations and approaches.

Access the Vendor Acquisition Guide here.

Taking a case study approach, researchers from JSS, ASU, CNA, and BJA examine the process for managing BWC footage in seven agencies: Two large police departments (Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA); two mid-size police agencies (Glendale, AZ and Rochester, NY); a Sheriff's Office (Harris County, TX), and a collaborative effort in South Florida (Broward County State Attorney's Office and Fort Lauderdale Police Department). 

Read the content of the report here.

This webinar highlighted the importance of good BWC policy as a foundation for a good BWC program. Dr. Mike White from Arizona State University reviewed findings from the recently released 6th edition of their BWC policy analysis. Featured guests Mark Smith and Inspector Cecilia Ashe weighed in by describing their approach to policy development and their positions on key policy issues. Dr. White described ongoing and emerging trends across a dozen different policy issues.