BWC Community Engagement Guidance

BWC Community Engagement Guidance


BWC TTA (2020)


Steve Rickman and Tammy Felix


This document helps law enforcement agencies develop strategies to engage their communities when deploying body-worn cameras (BWCs). This guidance builds on lessons learned from the BWC Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Team’s work with hundreds of agencies. These agencies were funded through the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) BWC Policy and Implementation Program (PIP).

Community engagement is an important element of all police operations, including BWC programs. Informing community members and stakeholders about BWC policy and program implementation builds trust and support for BWC programs. For example, the Virginia Beach Police Department provides extensive information, including video presentations, on its BWC program website. Police departments have learned that an informed community will help sustain and expand a BWC program.

This document provides guidance on engaging communities in BWC policy development, BWC implementation, and issues and challenges resulting from deployment.

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