BWCs in the Field

Minneapolis Police Department Body-Worn Camera Test and Evaluation


The City of Minneapolis 


Lieutenant G.W. Reinhardt, MPD Business Technology Unit (2015) 

In an effort to improve accountability and citizen confidence in the police department,Chief Harteau and the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD), decided to evaluate the use of body worn cameras by officers. Staff researched and a conducted a product search for body worn cameras. Research included the gathering of information on policies, best practices, required infrastructure, devices, costs and operational support. The goal of the test and evaluation project is to assess policy considerations, camera hardware/software functionality and the BWC product/professional services.MPD officers from three police precincts tested BWC products/services from Taser and VieVu over a six month trial period. The test began in November 2014 and continued until mid-May 2015. 

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