BWCs: An Officer's Perception and Justice Outcomes

Trialling Body-Worn Video Cameras for City of London Police: Officer Perceptions and Justice Outcomes


London Metropolitan University, 2017


Dr. James Morgan and Dr. Daniel Silverstone

The City of London Police (CoLP) force has been awarded a grant to provide body-worn video cameras (BWVCs) to frontline operational staff. The bid included a proposal for evaluation of the effect the technology may have on the main areas of concern. There are numerous benefits envisaged in the correct use of this technology, but those that have been considered of particular importance for the CoLP are:

1. The expectations, attitudes, knowledge and experience of BWVCs amongst officers involved in the study. Specifically, the evaluation will seek to highlight:
2. Evaluate the effect of BWVCs on the number and type of incidences reported.
3. Evaluate the effect of BWVCs on the number of complaints, misconduct proceedings and sanctions against the CoLP.
4. Evaluate the effect of BWVCs on officer incivility.

This report focused on these aims, through collection and analysis of relevant data, alongside an exploration of the expectations, beliefs, attitudes and knowledge about the use of BWVCs among officers, and the change to these after use. This includes questions about the opinions of officers regarding time likely to be saved in prosecution processes, and conviction rates. BWVCs effects on complaints were also a key concern.

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