BWC Vendor Acquisition Guide

BWC Vendor Acquisition Guide




John Markovic, Quin Patterson

Since the inception of the BWCPIP program in 2015, CNA’s training and technical assistance (TTA) team has worked with hundreds of BWCPIP grantees. The CNA TTA team has worked closely with all types of agencies—large and small, urban, suburban, and rural. CNA has provided TTA to sheriffs’ departments, tribal law enforcement, university police, transportation authority police, school police departments, and park police. CNA has also assisted agencies in implementing BWC programs in county jails and with state correctional agencies. 

BWC equipment, practices, vendor pricing, and marketing strategies have changed dramatically since 2015, and they continue to evolve rapidly. In this document, we provide some guidance and helpful hints regarding BWC acquisition. CNA can help navigate you through any of these different considerations and approaches.

Access the Vendor Acquisition Guide here.