BWC TTA Analysts

The Body-worn Camera (BWC) Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Analysts are key members of the TTA team and essential to the success of the BWC TTA Program. BWC TTA Analysts work alongside the TTA Leads to hold periodic calls with each site to focus on local site progress developments, discuss BWC implementation and policy issues, respond to TTA issues and requests, and participate in BWC-related events. Analysts are also integral in the development of webinars, podcasts, In-View commentaries, and the facilitation of the annual national meetings. 

Learn more about the TTA Analysts and their time spent in the BWC TTA program through their bios below. 



Bridgette Bryson

Bridgette Bryson is a BWC TTA analyst and the former TTA resource coordinator for BWC TTA program. As an analyst, Ms. Bryson works closely with 11 BWC sites to recommend and deliver training and technical assistance resources. She maintains close and continuous contact with various partners, including the BWC TTA lead and the BWC site team. As the former TTA resource coordinator, she directed the management of resources for police departments and develops reports and memos for best practice solutions. Ms. Bryson also helped coordinate webinars, In View Commentaries, and other resource. Ms. Bryson worked with over 20 subject experts in conducting regular status calls and provided TTA tracking support for the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). She also ensured that all requirements for the grant program were met in a timely manner. She worked directly with the project manager to develop resources on a national scale. In addition to supporting the BWC Policy and Implementation Program (PIP), she supports other national training and technical assistance initiatives such as the National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) and the Strategies for Policing Innovation (SPI). Additionally, she works on a local scale with departments analyzing traffic stops patterns, conducting racial bias audits, and evaluating community policing programs.


Ben Carleton

Ben Carleton is a Research Specialist with CNA’s Institute of Public Research. He serves as Deputy Project Manager for two projects, including the Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) TTA program and the Using Analytics to Improve Officer Safety study, both funded by BJA. As Deputy PM for the PSN TTA program, Mr. Carleton leads the coordination of all requests for training and technical assistance received from the various PSN districts. As the Deputy PM for the Using Analytics to Improve Officer safety study, Mr. Carleton assists in the investigation of police incident data to support the development of a risk assessment model. He also served as the lead author for a publication titled, The Use of Predictive Analytics in Policing. In addition to serving as a Deputy PM, Mr. Carleton also serves as an analyst on a number or research and TTA projects. Some of these projects include BWC TTA, PSP, traffic stop monitoring project for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, and an Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)-funded research project on homicide support groups. As an analyst for these projects, Mr. Carleton provides analytical and technical support to project sites and assists with the development and distribution of public-facing resources.


Kira Cincotta

Kira Cincotta is a Research Specialist with CNA’s Institute for Public Research. Ms. Cincotta supports various projects within CNA’s Safety and Security division, including BWC TTA, PSN, and SPI. As an analyst on these projects, she maintains a detailed knowledge of site initiatives and suggests TTA strategies to meet site needs. Ms. Cincotta is also part of an assessment of public safety practices, management, and operations for a police department.


Brittany Cunningham

Dr. Brittany Cunningham is a Research Scientist with CNA’s Institute of Public Research. Dr. Cunningham is an expert in scientific research and analysis and has more than a decade of experience designing, implementing, and managing rigorous research studies and evaluations at the local-, state- and national-level. Dr. Cunningham has led and supported grants and projects from several federal agencies including the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, and the National Science Foundation. Currently, Dr. Cunningham serves as the Project Director for the Using Analytics to Improve Officer Safety study, funded by BJA, which investigates police incident data to support the development of a risk assessment model to support officers assess risk and take appropriate safety protocols in real time when responding to incidents. She serves as Project Manager for the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)-funded randomized controlled trial (RCT) of the impact of BWCs in the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, which is one of the first RCTs of BWCs in a correctional setting. Additionally, Dr. Cunningham is experienced in using evidence-based approaches, and  quantitative and qualitative analysis to support law enforcement agency operations and organizational reform. Currently, she supports the racial bias audit of traffic stops for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and the assessment of Prince George County’s (MD) Police Department’s policies and procedures it related to police-community relations.


Sonali Dawar

Sonali Dawar is a Research Specialist with CNA’s Institute for Public Research. Ms. Dawar supports various projects within CNA’s Safety and Security division including BWC TTA, PSN, project development for CNA's Managing Implicit Bias training, and a staffing analysis for a police department. Ms. Dawar serves as an analyst for these projects where she maintains a detailed knowledge of site initiative and suggests TTA strategies to meet site needs.


Jessica Dockstader

Jessica Dockstader is a Research Specialist with a background in psychology and officer safety. Ms. Dockstader currently works in the CNA Institute of Public Research Safety and Security Division, where she supports various federally-funded training and technical assistance and research criminal justice projects such as the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI), PSP, BWC TTA, and a BJA research project on officer safety. Ms. Dockstader serves as project manager on an internally-funded CNA project which monitor the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on law enforcement agencies nationally-recognized for their best practices, with the goal of providing assistance and documenting lessons learned for the field. She also serves as deputy project manager on an internally-funded CNA project to examine the impact of field training officers on law enforcement agencies and determine areas for improvement within the hiring, recruitment, and training process to be shared with the field.


Tammy Felix

Tammy Felix has more than 15 years of experience leading strategic, technical assistance to federal, state, and local agencies, focusing on improving their safety and security policies and practices. She’s managed a diverse portfolio of high-profile law enforcement, emergency management, homeland security, and domestic terrorism projects that have included operational assessment, capabilities-based planning and analysis, and exercise support and evaluation. This work requires extensive collaboration with agency leadership and staff, formative supervision of a team of researchers and content experts, and careful oversight of subcontractor activities. Ms. Felix currently manages over $3 million in grants and oversees the work of 20 subject matter experts and 4 subcontractors. While at CNA, Ms. Felix has assessed police policy and procedures, reconstructed police critical incidents and large-scale events, developed use of force policies, and produced after-action reports for a number of federal and local law enforcement agencies.


Shelby Hickman

Shelby Hickman is a Research Analyst with CNA Institute of Public Research, Safety and Security Division. Ms. Hickman has over ten years of experience designing, implementing, and managing research studies and program evaluations. As a research analyst at CNA, she supports criminal justice projects such as SPI, PSP, JRI and BWC TTA. Ms. Hickman brings extensive experience leading implementation and impact evaluations. Most recently, she was the project director for two NIJ-funded mixed-method evaluations of juvenile justice reform efforts and the qualitative lead for an NIJ-funded study on research use among juvenile justice system practitioners.


Kalani Johnson

Kalani Johnson works in the CNA Institute of Public Research, Safety and Security Division, where she supports criminal justice projects such as SPI, BWC TTA, and NIJ research projects. Ms. Johnson is a Senior Research Specialist for several BJA-funded study on law enforcement interactions and investments into communities. In her time at the National Police Foundation, Ms. Johnson served as a Research Associate on several multi-year projects (experimental, survey, and evaluation) regarding law enforcements engagement with victims and community members. Her two major projects were on law enforcements role in sexual assault reporting processes and an experimental BWC study. At the conclusion of the BWC experiment, she organized a practitioner-focused conference for 60 law enforcement officials and field researchers. 


Quin Patterson

Quin Patterson is a BWC TTA analyst and a research assistant for Arizona State University. Mr. Patterson has worked as a TTA analyst since 2018, and has both a bachelor's and master's degree in criminology from Arizona State University. His past research has focused on policing, including de-escalation tactics, officer perceptions of body-worn cameras, and the effect of BWCs on officer and citizen behavior. 


Keri Richardson

Keri Richardson is a Senior Research Specialist at CNA’s Institute of Public Research within the Safety and Security division. At CNA, she supports numerous projects including BWC TTA, SPI, and PSP. Ms. Richardson also has experience in leading and serving on teams that support on law enforcement auditing, assessments, and monitoring efforts. She has served in this capacity for cities such as Chicago, IL; Charleston, SC; and Methuen, MA.  Ms. Richardson has worked to conduct assessments for police agencies and developed supportive recommendations that would improve operations to advance the goals of their agencies. Ms. Richardson also has experience fostering community engagement and involvement in order to fulfill police reform efforts. She continues to work closely with law enforcement agencies offering analytical and technical support to deliver resourceful assistance. 


Gentry Schaeffer 

Gentry Schaffer is an accomplished criminologist and former sworn police officer with District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department. She has 10 years of experience in research, policy development, program evaluation, data analysis, and project management in law enforcement and criminal justice at the state and federal level. In 2017, Ms. Schaffer was awarded the Medal of Achievement by D.C. Chief of Police, Peter Newsham for her contribution to reducing violent crime in some of the District’s most violent neighborhoods. Ms. Schaffer holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology, as well as a graduate degree in Police Administration from Georgetown University Law Center.


Carrie Shelton

Dr. Carrie Shelton is the project manager for the BWC TTA program and has been an analyst for BWC PIP sites in the Southeast US since 2016. She has been with CNA since 2009 and is a Senior Research Scientist for the Safety and Security Division. She has more than 16 years of experience in scientific research and analysis. Her areas of expertise include program and process analysis, evaluation, and improvement; operational research and analysis; exercise and real-world event analysis; data and statistical analysis; systems analysis and engineering; and project management. At CNA, in addition to the BWC TTA project, Dr. Shelton has supported other criminal justice projects, including the PSP and the COPS Microgrants Initiative. For these projects, she works directly with police departments and other law enforcement stakeholders to coordinate TTA and to document lessons learned and best practices related to their efforts. For the PSP, Dr. Shelton helps evaluate the effectiveness of the initiative and the impact it has on the participating cities.


Charles Stephenson

Charles Stephenson is an expert in technologies and analytics used by law enforcement. Prior to joining CNA Mr. Stephenson was a public safety technologist with the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Communications Center of Excellence where he assisted the public safety community in addressing their technology needs and challenges. Mr. Stephenson has a a Masters of Business Administration in Project Management from Columbia Southern University and Bachelors of Science in Business from the University of Maryland. During his time at the CNA Corporation, he has provided extensive support to criminal justice projects such as Strategies for Policing Innovation (SPI), Body-worn Camera Training and Technical Assistance (BWC TTA), and the National Public Safety Partnership (PSP). His work on SPI, BWC TTA and PSP projects includes providing subject matter expertise, technical and analytical support to the team and grantees. Mr. Stephenson is a retired US Army Signal Corp Officer and has considerable technical expertise in federal government R&D programs, rapid prototyping of new technologies and technology transfer to the private sector. Additionally he has worked on federal projects involving communications interoperability, detection of contraband cell phones in correctional facilities, development of software defined radios and the evaluation of gunshot detection technologies.