Tampa Police Department Body Worn Camera Audit Form

Tampa Police Department Body Worn Camera Audit Form


Tampa Police Department (2020)

The Tampa, Florida, Police Department provided an example of its Body Worn Camera Audit Form to assist agencies in implementing similar audit practices.

Objective: Provide an accurate performance assessment of departmental operations as they relate to defined standard operating procedures and policies.

The Quality Assurance Unit conducts monthly compliance reviews which include police reports, administrative documentation, logs, body worn cameras and site inspections for each district.  A detailed report is issued to each district for follow-up and corrections.

  • Supervisors conduct 10 random video checks per squad utilizing the performance program in the BWC video management system.  The performance program randomly selects videos by defined squads and time frames. The system is designed to guarantee that all squad members videos are reviewed on an equal basis.
  • Additionally, the BWC Unit conducts 200 random video checks department wide per month. Videos are check for proper tagging or labeling and then cross checked with Daily Incident Logs and reports for accuracy.

To view the Tampa Audit Form, click here.