San Francisco Police Department Body Worn Camera Policy


San Francisco Police Department

The San Francisco Police Department has made their BWC policy available on their website, along with information about the progression of the policy over time, including previous drafts and work group meeting minutes.

As the department writes in the policy, "The use of Body Worn Cameras (BWC) is an effective tool a law enforcement agency can use to demonstrate its commitment to transparency, ensure the accountability of its members, increase the public's trust in officers, and protect its members from unjustified complaints of misconduct. As such, the San Francisco Police Department is committed to establishing a BWC program that reinforces its responsibility for protecting public and officer safety. The purpose of this Department General Order is to establish the policies and procedures governing the Department's BWC program and to ensure members' effective and rigorous use of BWC and adherence to the program."

You can view the policy and related materials online here.

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