Integration of BWC and CAD systems can provide agencies with more streamlined information. During this webinar, participants will hear from sites who will discuss their experiences with integrating CAD data into their BWC systems, the challenges they faced in combining both systems, the benefits they have experienced, and lessons learned for other agencies looking to do the same. Participants will gain a better understanding of this technology as well the potential best practices to follow when integrating these technologies. Elliot Harkavy, Technology Advisor for BWC TTA, will set the context for this by discussing the technology, the research that is currently available, and potential best practices. 

Approaches to implementing BWC-CAD integration technologies will be provided by:

  • William Brown, Captain, Fayetteville, Arkansas Police Department
  • Lilly Hotard, Lieutenant, Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff's Office
  • Robert Lisotta, Sergeant, Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff's Office

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