BWC Model Legislation

ACLU Police Body Cameras Model Legislation 


American Civil Liberties Union, January 2017 


Chad Marrow & Jay Stanley

The ACLU has issued an updated Police Body Camers Model Legislation. The version 2.0, is a more detailed model legislation, incorporating a number of tweaks that we have been persuaded will improve the way implementing agencies deploy body cameras. One of the more significant changes involves what kind of video is subject to public release and what kind is not. The ACLU also added language stipulating that police departments cannot use “investigative privilege” as a basis for withholding footage where the suspect is a police officer (who likely is the one who recorded the video and has been allowed to see it).

To read the revised model, click here

For a summary and outline of the revisions made to ACLU’s model legislation please read, ACLU’s article, "We’re Updating Our Police Body Camera Recommendations for Even Better Accountability and Civil Liberties Protections"