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Greensboro, NC Police Add Cameras to Police Cruisers

Police body cameras have given us a detailed look at what’s happening in our neighborhoods, but they can’t see everything. What they can’t see may be just as important as what they can see – which is why the Greensboro Police Department has added cameras to police cruisers. The department’s vehicle mounted camera system includes a camera mounted to the windshield looking out of the car and another one attached to the prisoner transport shield in the back of the vehicle. 

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In View Commentary: Body-Worn Camera Auto-Triggering Technologies

Check out a new "In View" commentary piece from Elliot Harkavy, BWC TTA Technology Advisor, CNA!

This piece discusses automatic camera initation or auto-trigger technology to enusre the patrol officers BWCs are activated when needed.  This piece examines the pros and cons of auto-trigger technology along with factors agencies may need to consider before using the technology. 

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New Resource: BWC Outcome Directories

The research base on the impact of police body-worn cameras (BWCs) has grown rapidly, and over time, the results have become increasingly mixed. This development poses two problems, it is difficult to keep track of the quickly growing evidence base and it is difficult to make sense of the sometimes competing findings across studies. We have developed the Body-Worn Camera Outcome Directories to address these two problems. The Directories provide a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the existing research by outcome (use of force, citizen complaints). Importantly, each study’s entry has been approved by the primary researcher to ensure accuracy (when the primary researcher could not be reached, an independent reviewer was tasked with peer-reviewing the interpretation of the study’s findings). 

To view the BWC use of force directory of outcomes, click here. 

To view the BWC citizen complaints directory of outcomes, click here. 

Webinar: Regional Approaches to BWC Programs

On July 31, 2018 from 2:00 PM- 3:15 PM ET, BJA and the BWC TTA team will host a webinar on regional approaches to BWC programs.  This webinar will examine several issues related to regional approaches to BWC program design and implementation, including the benefits from a regional approach, compromises that will likely need to be made, and planning considerations that a regional approach requires. The webinar will feature a brief presentation on general issues regarding regional models in law enforcement, presentations from several BWC PIP sites that have successfully implemented regional BWC programs, and a review of key considerations that sites should attend to during the planning phase of implementation. 

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