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BWC Commentary: The Importance of BWC Training and Policy from the Officer’s Perspective

Check out a new "In View" commentary piece from Wayne A Alsup, BWC Program Administrator, San Antonio, TX Police Department 

This piece addresses the importance of BWC policies and training. It also examines the importance of officer compliance in terms of BWCs, but most importantly what happens when officers enter ambiguous situations that BWC policies do not address explicitly. 

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BWC PIP Sites in the News

Police wearing body cameras can promote a good relationship between the community and police. Early results from an ongoing Arizona State University study show that members of the public agree that police officers treated them with respect. “Nearly 90 percent of the citizens strongly agreed the officers treated them with respect, treated them fairly, they were honest, they listened, they cared, and they acted professionally,” said Sgt. Josie Montenegro, a spokeswoman for Tempe police.

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The Major Cities Chief Association Statement on the Release of BWC Video After a Critical Incident

The Major Cities Chief Association released a policy statement on the release of information and body-worn camera video in wake of a critical incident. The statement discusses how the proliferation of video taken by officers and members of the public alike has ushered in a new era of instant attention and demands for accountability when police are involved in a significant use of force incident.  The release states that in order to promote accountability, public trust, and public safety, agency practices should seek to offer a narrative early in the investigation that is based upon facts and evidence. 

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Webinar: BWC Program Implementation: Highlighting Small Agencies

On February 24, 2017 at 12:00pm EDT, the BWC TTA Team hosted the webinar, BWC Program Implementation: Highlighting Small Agencies. The webinar discussed different approaches, and best practices to body worn camera (BWC) implementation. Representatives from small police agencies included Laredo, TX Independent School District Police Department, City of Fairfax, VA Police Department, and Cherry Hill, NJ Police Department. Each departments representative discussed important issues such as the Request For Proposal process, policy considerations, officer concerns, and BWC training. 

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