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BWC Commentary: North Carolina’s Body-Worn Camera Law Raises Questions

Check out a new "In View" commentary piece from BWC Subject Matter Expert, Laura McElroy!

This piece reviews the impact of the North Carolina House Bill 972 has on how quickly agencies in North Carolina are able to release a BWC video of a critical incident. 

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BWC PIP Sites in the News

The Camden County Police department, Cherry Hill BWC PIP site recently fitted thier officers with new body worn cameras. The department reached out to the community to gain their opinion about BWC's before putting them to work.  About 300 camden county residents participated in an online survey about the county's descisions to adopt body worn cameras. Along with community groups and current police officers, the public shared their input on the descision. 

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BWC PIP Solicitation Released

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) is now accepting applications from law enforcement agencies to participate in the Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program for FY2017.

The FY 2017 BWC PIP will support the implementation of body-worn camera programs in law enforcement agencies across the country. The intent of the program is to help agencies develop, implement, and evaluate a BWC program as one tool in a law enforcement agency’s comprehensive problem-solving approach to enhance officer interactions with the public and build community trust.

Applications are due by 11:59pm eastern on February 16, 2017

To read the entire solicitation, click here.

To participate in BJA's 2017 Body-Worn Camera Solicitation Webinar please register here



Webinar: Community Input on BWC Policy Development

On January 31,2017 at 1pm EDT, the BWC TTA Team will host a webinar, Community Input on BWC Policy Development External input into the development of body worn camera policies, including justice system and community stakeholders, is a cornerstone of the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Body Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program (PIP). This webinar will discuss principles and practices regarding police-community collaboration, and how these relate to BWC policy development. Several funded PIP sites will contribute information regarding how they worked with community groups to inform their BWC policy development. To register, please click here