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BWC Commentary: The Importance of Body-Worn Camera Training and Policy, Commentary from the Chief’s Perspective

Check out a new "In View" commentary piece from Harold Medlock, Retired Chief of Fayetteville, NC and BWC TTA Subject Matter Expert. 

This piece addresses the value of BWCs. It also provides a perspective from former cheif of police Harold Medlock on why BWCs are important in the line of duty. The commentray also addresses creating a BWC policy, implementaion, and overcoming resistence to BWCs.

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BWC PIP Sites in the News

The Hillsboro Police Department employees will utilize a federal grant to research and establish a body-worn camera program that enhances police officer interactions with the community, continues to build trust, and demonstrates the department’s commitment to transparency. Hillsboro is one of four Oregon law enforcement agencies to receive federal funding under the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs. The body-worn cameras will document the community-minded policing work that officers do each day, and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the judicial process through video and audio documentation. This video, provided by the Hillsboro PD, gives the community a first hand look at how the department plans to implement their body-worn cameras beginning in 2018. 

To watch the entire video click here.

New Resource: Body-Worn Camera Toolkit Training Spotlight

Implementing body-worn cameras in a police agency has an impact on virtually every key aspect of police operations, including training, investigations, community relations, resource allocation, and more. With the growing adoption of body-worn cameras, the need for effective law enforcement training is paramount to help ensure that officers have the necessary knowledge and tools to confront the difficult tasks they encounter on a daily basis. The following considerations and resources will serve as helpful information in support of this challenge. As body-worn cameras are part of an emerging and growing field, this list of resources is not comprehensive; the Bureau of Justice Assistance Body-Worn Camera Training and Technical Assistance team will continuously update this document with emerging research, resources, and best practices surrounding these topics as they become available. 

To view the spotlight report, click here

Webinar: Beyond Patrol Body-Worn Cameras in Specialized Units

On May 30, 2017 at 1:00pm EDT, the BWC TTA Team partner, Arizona State University (ASU), hosted the webinar on body-worn cameras in specialized units.This webinar reviewed the findings from their recently released report on the use of body-worn cameras in specialized units. The webinar also included representatives from local law enforcement agencies who described their experiences in implementing BWCs in non-patrol units. 

Click here to listen to the webinar recording.