BWC TTA Updates

In View Commentary: Understanding The Results Of Randomized Experiments With Body Worn Cameras

Check out a new "In View" commentary piece from James R. "Chip" Coldren, Jr., BWC TTA Director and Managing Director of Justice Programs, CNA, Institute for Public Research

This piece provides some key considerations for how to interpret recent findings from research studies that have been published on the effects of body-worn cameras (BWCs). These key considerations focus on three issues: jurisdictional differences in context, contamination in randomized studies, and compliance with BWC policies. 

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BWCs in the News

The fatal police shooting of Miguel Richards in the Bronx was the first captured by NYPD body cameras. It showed us what happens when officers confront an emotionally disturbed person with a weapon. The NYPD believes the new technology combined with crisis intervention training will make it safer for everyone. The NYPD gave Lisa Evers an exclusive opportunity to wear a body camera and experience this cutting-edge training first hand with some sergeants. The body camera itself is about the size of a pack of cigarettes and is clipped on securely to the uniform.

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New Resource: Body-Worn Camera Training Guide

The Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety at Arizona State University (ASU) has developed this facilitator’s guide and accompanying training slides as a resource for law enforcement agencies seeking to develop or modify their body‐worn camera (BWC) training programs. These training materials should be used only as reference documents for agencies developing and deploying BWCs. They are intended to provide guidance and are not designed for yearly continuing training or academy use. Law enforcement agencies should alter the materials as they deem necessary to meet their agency and constituent needs, as well as local and state laws.

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Webinar: Body-Worn Camera Policy Implementation Program Introductory Webinar for FY17 Grantees

On Monday, November 20, 2017 from 2:00-3:00 PM ET, the BWC TTA Team will host a webinar for the FY2017 BWC PIP Grantees. This webinar will serve as an orientation to the FY17 Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Body-Worn Camera Policy Implementation Grant Program. During the webinar you’ll hear from BJA and the training and technical assistance (TTA) provider, CNA Corporation. The webinar will familiarize you with the goals of the program, the role and value of TTA. This webinar will also provide introductions of the BJA grant administrators and a brief overview of grant administration requirements

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