In View From the Field: Newton County, GA, Sheriff’s Office

The Importance of Engaging Stakeholders

The Newton County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) is the primary law enforcement authority in Newton County, Georgia. Newton County began its body-worn camera (BWC) implementation in 2015 when it received its first BWC Policy and Implementation Program (PIP) grant; Newton County received a second BWC PIP grant in 2017 to expand its BWC program. NCSO has 273 employee positions with 162 sworn officers.  Of the 162 officers, 150 have been outfitted with BWCs, including all officers that are responsible for patrol activities with daily citizen interaction outside the agency.   Officers with BWCs are trained annually on updated BWC policy and operations of the cameras. Early in the BWC planning process, Newton County recognized the importance of developing a comprehensive BWC policy and robust training curriculum.

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