Example BWC Policy Content

Drafting Body-Worn Camera Policy: Example Policy Content


BWC TTA (2019)

An agency's body-worn camera (BWC) policy is essential to the successful implementation of its BWC program. This document provides sample policy language that previous BWC Policy and Implementation Program (PIP) grantees have used in their BWC policies to sufficiently address objectives on the BWC Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Scorecard. The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the BWC TTA providers, CNA, Arizona State University (ASU), and Justice and Security Strategies Inc. (JSS), are providing examples of policy language that agencies can use to address Scorecard objectives and BWC topics (i.e., activation, deactivation, citizen notification, etc.) in a variety of ways. This document is not meant to be prescriptive or to direct agencies to address Scorecard objectives or BWC topics in a specific manner.

The full document can be found below. Example policies on individual BWC topics can be found at the links below, organized by category. 

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