This webinar will serve as an orientation to the FY18 Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program. The intent of this grant program is to help agencies develop, implement, and manage a BWC program as one tool in a law enforcement agency’s comprehensive problem-solving approach to enhance officer interactions with the public, combat crime, and build community trust. During the webinar you will hear from BJA and the training and technical assistance (TTA) provider, CNA Corporation. Our goal is to make the grant initiation process as smooth as possible. The webinar will familiarize you with the goals of the program and the role and value of TTA, as well as the types of TTA available to you. This webinar will also provide introductions of the BJA grant administrators and a brief overview of grant administration requirements. Grantees have the primary responsibility for carrying out the award, including administering the funding and managing their body-worn camera programs. This webinar and others that will follow will aid departments in doing so.
Dr. James “Chip” Coldren, Managing Director for Justice Programs at the CNA Institute for Public Research and the Director of Technical Assistance for the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Body-Worn Camera TTA Program, will set the context by discussing the goals and purposes of the orientation webinar.
Several BWC PIP and TTA team members will provide overviews of the various components of the grant program, including:
•    John Markovic, Senior Policy Advisor and Director of the BWC PIP Program, Bureau of Justice Assistance
•    Gerardo Velazquez, BWC Policy Advisor, Bureau of Justice Assistance
•    Dr. Michael White, Co-Director of the BWC TTA Program, Arizona State University
•    Dr. Craig Uchida, partner in the BWC TTA Program, President, Justice and Security Strategies Inc.
This webinar is intended for the new FY18 BWC TTA PIP sites. If would like any additional information on this webinar, please email the BWC TTA team