Directory of Outcomes: Impact of BWCs on Officer Perceptions

There are 37 entries in the directory. A wide range of methods were employed in those entries, with in-person surveys (15) and online surveys (10) being the most common. Seventeen entries examined patrol officer perceptions only, and 16 examined a mix of officer ranks/units. Nine were conducted only pre-deployment, and 11 were conducted only post-deployment, with 15 entries examining officer perceptions both pre- and post-deployment. The entries cover officer perceptions on a wide range of topics. It is important to note that this summary focuses on officer perceptions of key outcomes. This line of research is distinct from other research that measures actual outcomes. In this particular directory, the focus is on what officers believe will be the effect of body worn camera use on use of force or complaints, as well on other perceived outcomes. The actual impact of body worn cameras on the volume of use of force and complaints are addressed in separate research directories that are part of this series.

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