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Hazleton, Pa., Police Receive Body Camera Training

Dozens of new body cameras will be deployed in Hazleton, PA, after police department supervisors attended an hours-long training session Monday. Acting Police Chief Brian Schoonmaker said once those supervisors train the rest of the patrol officers, the cameras will begin rolling, likely by the end of the week or next week. One of the 30-plus cameras will be given to each officer. A vendor representative taught the class to Hazleton police, going over the basics of operation and how to use the digital evidence locker on their secure system. Schoonmaker said the camera batteries last approximately 12 hours and the camera records in 30 second intervals, even if the officer doesn't hit the record button. The footage is time stamped, though supervisors can watch incidents live. The system allows the department to expand technology in the future such as linking the body cameras to in-vehicle cameras, according to Schoonmaker.