In addition to CNA and its partners: Arizona State University (ASU) and Justice & Security Strategies (JSS), our team also includes a network of subject matter experts. These subject matter experts have expertise in a wide variety of topics such as, use of force, technology, body worn cameras, community collaboration, prosecution, crime prevention, and research. 




Area of Expertise

John Buchanan

Deputy Director (ret.)

US Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS), US Department of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP), Phoenix Police Department

Law enforcement development in foreign countries; Law enforcement and criminal justice agency development; Use of force; International criminal investigative training; Leadership;

David E. Choate

Program Operations Manager

Center for violence Prevention and Community Safety, Arizona State University

Police operations research and management; Performance measurement; Police-community relations; Gangs and gang control; Intelligence-led policing; Social network analysis; Technology and use of force; Longitudinal methods and analysis; Program evaluation 

Christine Connor

Research Associate

Justice & Security Strategies, Inc.

Youth violence; Violence prevention programs; Geospatial analysis; Program evaluation

Orlando Cuevas

Assistant Chief (ret.)

Camden County Police Department

Police administration and operations; criminal investigations, community relations, strategic operations & public safety technology; large scale operations; interagency partnerships

Scott Decker


School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Arizona State University

Juvenile justice and delinquency prevention; Gang research; Program evaluation;

Janne Gaub

Assistant Professor

East Carolina University

Police misconduct, gender and police, use of force, academic-practitioner relationships, specialized police units

Stephen Goodier


Hampshire Constabulary, United Kingdom

Police operations; Body worn video use and deployment; Policy development

Maggie Goodrich

Chief Information Officer

Los Angeles Police Department

Police administration; Organization and management; Information technology; Strategic planning; Training evaluation and management

Kristine Hamann

Visiting Fellow

Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance

Criminal prosecution; Law; Developing prosecutorial best practices; Investigation of criminal activity, fraud, and abuse; Program evaluation; Ethics

Robert Haas

Police Chief (ret.)

Cambridge, MA Police Department

Public safety; Law Enforcement and homeland security; Community policing initiatives; Social services

Scot Haug


Post Falls Police Department

Police administration and operations; policy and procedure development; Training; Information technology; Strategic Planning

Ajay Joshi

Deputy Chief Information Officer

TRW Global Information Technology Division & Manufacturing Solutions

Organizational management and change; Cross-cultural and international collaboration; Identifying and implementing technology solutions; Project management; Computer forensics; Cyber-crime

Clark S. Kimerer

Assistant Chief – Chief of Staff (ret.)

Seattle Police Department

Police administration, management and operations; Labor/Union relations; Personnel management; Strategic planning; Training and systems design; Intelligence fusion and information sharing

John Lewin

Deputy Chief

Chicago Police Department

Police administration and operations; Implementing advanced technology initiatives to support public safety; Predictive policing; Intelligence-led policing; Technology; Geospatial and situational analysis

Harold Medlock

Chief (ret.)

Fayetteville Police Department

Police administration and operations; community partnerships; Policy development and implementation; Body worn camera implementation; Training; National special security events

Damon Mosler

Deputy District Attorney

San Diego County District Attorney’s Office

Narcotics division; Special operations; Law; Prosecutor collaboration; Body worn camera implementation

Steve Rickman

Consultant/Technical Advisor

CNA/ 21st Century Task Force on Policing

Community partnerships; community crime prevention; problem-oriented policing; police and community collaborative reform

Hildy Saizow



Juvenile justice; Community planning and assessment; Collaborative partnerships; Violence prevention; Community outreach

William Sousa, Jr.

Associate Professor

Department of Criminal Justice, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Evaluations of policing programs and technologies; police order-maintenance practices; police management; community crime prevention

Mark Swatt

Assistant Professor

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Quantitative methods; Criminological theory; Neighborhoods and crime; Spatial crime analysis; Predictive policing

Danielle Wallace

Associate Professor

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Arizona State University

Crime and health; Policing and police legitimacy; Neighborhoods, crime, and disorder

Andrew Walters

Infrastructure Administrator

City of Phoenix Police Department

Design and maintenance of servers/SAN; Virtualization; VDI; Police RMS/CAD/911 Information systems

Brian White


Wichita Police Department

Body-worn camera implementation, exploited and missing children, undercover operations, community policing

Daniel Zehnder


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Police administration, operations and management; Technology in law enforcement; Process analysis and problem solving; Systems quality assurance; Facilitation and training